SeeMax Emblematic, the symbol of visual precision. An optimized lens design for visual comfort.


  • Precision
    • Clear and sharp visual fields regardless of the gazing angle
    • Precise and stable vision when in motion
  • Protection
    • Eye strain and headaches are alleviated

Recommended for

Progressive wearers searching for a high visual performance in all demanding situations

SeeMax Emblematic

A progressive lens designed to optimize your visual comfort and provide a stress-free vision.

Reduce visual stress

SeeMax Emblematic uses Aberration Filter™ Surface GEN III Technology which relies on two leading optimization technologies to further reduce the deformations and blur often found on the periphery of the lens.

Clear vision twice as wide

Using Nikon’s Aberration Filter’s (GEN I, II, III), the aberrations are pushed out further increasing the lens usable area staying as sharp as possible.