The Nikon Difference

From photography to optical lenses, Nikon has developed a long and proud expertise in high-precision optics.

Combining Japanese craftsmanship with over a century of innovations, our mission is to offer both unmatched quality of vision and product durability.

Our pursuit for perfection has seen us deliver the sharpest tailor-made lenses, therefore promising an exceptionally detailed vision.


Absolute focus? Consistent accuracy? Or striving for excellence?

For Nikon, precision is omnipresent: from working with the most innovative technology to customizing eyeglass lenses to your unique requirements.

Precision is part of Nikon’s history and brand DNA, with an experience in optics spanning over a century as well as an everyday commitment to continuous improvement. Nikon has always pushed the very definition of precision to offer a vision that is beyond compare to consumers everywhere in the world.


Beauty means something different to each one of us, yet it all stems from the search for absolute perfection.

For Nikon, aesthetics means the beauty of pure sight. This belief is the driving force behind our most advanced technologies and products. We deliver the thinnest and, the lightest lenses and in doing so, we constantly improve your vision clarity and comfort.

Our cutting-edge expertise combined with your personal fitting parameters enable us to build custom made optical lenses that are aesthetically pleasing.


The present moment? Unforgettable memories? Hopes and dreams for the future?

For Nikon, protection means shielding your vision. We achieve the perfect blend of techniques and materials to constantly push the limits of our lens’ capabilities. Nikon protects your vision in the harshest of environments and conditions with up to 15 layers of coatings on each side of the lens and advanced light control.

Dim light, bright light, blue light¹ or glare and UV, whatever the need, we have a solution. Our state of the art technologies enable us to create tougher, cleaner, clearer and more durable lenses for you.

¹ Blue light between 380 nm to 500 nm (with blue-violet light between 400 nm and 455 nm as stated by ISO TR 20772:2018).”