Our sun lenses

Did you know our prescription lenses are also offered in solar version? In fact, these Nikon lenses integrate our superior light filtration with our custom eyeglass lenses.

Our promise is about optical precision

Nikon is legendary for the exceptional precision, sharpness and distortion-free quality of its images. Faithful to the Nikon legend, our sunglasses provide the best precision of vision thanks to our advanced light control & optical technologies. Even in the harshest of sun glare, your vision will remain perfectly sharp.

Without polarized lenses

With polarized lenses

Our polarized sun lenses offer a super sharp and precise vision

All Nikon polarized lenses eliminate unwanted reflections of light. As a result, the environment appears very sharp with deep, well-contrasted colours that provide a clear perception of the whole visual field.

Without sunglasses

With polarized lenses

The right lens materials to ensure your vision stays clear and sharp

All Nikon sunglasses lenses are made with high optical precision materials ensuring low distortion. They feature a Sun coating that combines:

  • superior protection against scratches
  • protection against dust and smudges
  • oleophobic coating for protection against fingerprints and water.

Our lenses are offered with back-side anti-glare coating

Our SeeSun Next coating also includes a multi-layer anti-reflection coating on the backside. It cuts out glare and unwanted reflection coming from behind the lens, eliminating a major disturbance to sharp vision in strong sunlit conditions.

Without AR coating

With AR coating

Our lenses exceed UV400 specifications

In addition to full protection against UVA and UVB up to 400nm, polarized lenses cut on average 90% of high energy visible light between 380 and 500nm resulting in reduced haze and improved vision.

nikon polarized lenses polashade