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If you have enquiries* about Nikon optical lenses products, please read the following FAQs. Chances are the answer is already there.

*This portal will exclusively address enquiries from Canadian residents. For enquiries coming from non-residents from Canada, we invite you to go to the Global Nikon Lenswear website:

What you need to know in the first place:

  • Whether it is for a technical question, warranty enquiry or problem with your recently acquired lenses, always seek assistance from your Eye Care provider from whom you purchased your Nikon lenswear. Nikon Optical Canada, as a manufacturer, CAN NOT provide any information or take direction unless it comes from the Eye Care provider who placed the order on your behalf.
  • For any enquiries about Nikon’s cameras, please visit as Nikon Optical Canada exclusively manufactures ophthalmic lenses.

1. How do I take care of my Nikon lenses?

As the proud owner of the best in lenswear, we recommend you consult the Nikon Lens Care Guide online. Proper lens care is important to maintain the optical integrity and durability of your lenses.

2. I have a question about the warranty on my Nikon lenses.

For any warranty enquiries please contact your Eye Care Provider. The warranty is set by your Eye Care Provider, not by Nikon Optical Canada. As your eye health information is confidential, Nikon does not have access to your personal file, prescription details, dispensing choices nor the professional advice you were given at time of purchase, and is therefore unable to advise on warranty issues.

3. How do I know if I purchased authentic Nikon lenses?

Every pair of Nikon’s digitally surfaced lenses comes with a personalized card that guarantees their authenticity. Ask your eye care professional to provide you with yours.

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