Two are better than one – here’s why you need to have a second pair of glasses

Article Meta Description (19 words): While one pair of glasses may seem enough, here’s seven reasons why you should consider getting a second pair.

Most of you have many pairs of shoes, bags and jewelry to better fit your needs and match your outfit. So why should your eyes only have one pair of glasses?

Indeed, having a second pair of glasses can be very useful, whether to vary your style, but also to better meet all your visual needs.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to give it a try.

Accidents happen

Eyeglasses can fall, bend or break. These accidents happen when you least expect it. Having an extra pair of glasses is always nice in these unexpected situations, especially when you know that you can get a second pair of glasses of the same quality as the first pair!

A spare pair if you lose your eyeglasses

You take off your glasses for a short while and they seem to have vanished into thin air? Does that tell you something? At that very moment, having a second pair of glasses on hand can be very helpful.

Prescription sunglasses

One of the main reasons people buy multiple pairs of eyeglasses is because they want to have one pair of sunglasses, especially for outdoor activities.

The sun’s rays can sometimes be so strong that they can hinder our vision. To protect you from this inconvenience, a pair of sunglasses is ideal because it will provide you with all the comfort and protection you need, in any weather situation.

Beyond comfort, a pair of sunglasses also serves to protect you from UV rays which can be damaging to your eyes. For example, did you know that wearing sunglasses can help reduce visual diseases like cataracts?

For example, did you know that wearing sunglasses can help reduce visual diseases such as cataracts?

You can create your own sunglasses by combining Nikon tinted or polarized lenses with stylish frames. This combination will give you great vision correction, eye protection while maintaining a sophisticated look. You can even choose to add a mirror effect to your glasses so that they perfectly reflect your style and personality.

A second pair dedicated to your digital activities

When you have a specific job to do on screen but your first pair of glasses was not chosen for this use, your eyes may not be as well protected as they should be. Having a second pair allows you to have a pair of glasses more adapted to a digital life, which will protect your eyes from the appearance of symptoms of visual fatigue as well as from the potential risks against harmful blue light.

Glasses to support near and/or distant vision

Do you feel like you use different vision zones between all your daily activities?

Many of us do, juggling many indoor activities like reading, writing or cooking with outdoor activities like running or biking. Your indoor activities require your near and intermediate vision right down to the smallest details; while your outdoor activities rely primarily on your distance vision. Having a second pair of glasses allows you to meet all your visual needs with precision, so that you are comfortable in all your activities. 

Is the second pair of glasses of lesser quality?

The use of a second pair of glasses complements your initial pair to offer you optimal visual performance in different situations. You have the choice to opt for a second pair of glasses of just as good quality as your first pair.

Finally, a second pair is essential!

Having a second pair of eyeglasses is like having an insurance policy for your eyes. It’s always good to have one in case of unexpected events.

Investing in a good pair of glasses can make you more comfortable, especially if your lifestyle is characterized by a wide variety of activities and passions. A winning investment, especially when you know that it is possible to obtain a second pair of equivalent quality to the first pair! 
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