Kids Neo, Nikon’s Kid’s lens solution.


  • Precision
    • More resistant to scratches
    • Lighter and more comfortable
  • Protection
    • Most options filter 100% UV rays
  • Aesthetics
    • Better Aesthetic lens
    • Ideal for higher prescription lenses

Recommended for

Kids needing corrective lenses

Kids Neo

Purposely designed to meet the visual needs of your kids.

Nikon Kid’s lenses provide the best ophthalmic lens quality for kids and teens.

Kids 2

Nikon’s Kids 2 corrective lenses are designed to suit a kid’s lifestyle.


Kids AS

An upgrade to Aspheric option means a thinner and flatter lens design, especially for hyperopic children.


Give extra protection with SeeCoat™ Next Blue

Kids are more exposed to digital devices both at school and at home during the day. SeeCoat™ Next Blue provides optimal protection against blue light hence reducing eye strain.


Available in Transtition™ for the best eye protection

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