Move Digital, a dedicated design to meet your everyday vision demands without compromising your modern lifestyle.


  • High Precision
    • Providing a broader vision at all distances
    • A smooth viewing experience with an easy adaptation
    • The lens is tailored for optimized vision and aesthetics

Recommended for

Early presbyopes and/or first time progressive lens wearers

Move Digital

Sharper vision for your modern lifestyle

A progressive lens designed to meet your everyday vision demands for worry-free vision to enjoy your modern lifestyle.

Expanded clear viewing area at all distances

Move Digital vs Conventional Lens

Far Vision: +12%

Intermediate Vision: +13%

Near Vision: +30%

Comfortable fit

The optimization of fitting parameters such as wrap angle, tilt angle, and eye-lens distance helps minimize optical distortions for more precise vision all around.

Wrap / vertex / Tilt

Natural reading position

The customization of the near vision zone maximizes the binocular field of vision, allowing for a more natural and comfortable posture while reading.

Limitless frame choices

With a wide selection of options, you can always have a perfect fit between the lens and the curve of any frame you like, without compromising your vision or looks.