Capture the details that matter to you!

Precision is a pillar of Nikon’s philosophy, from innovation to customization.

At Nikon Lenswear we see precision as a means. A means to reach a goal, a means to achieve, a means to change perception. Only precision gives people the ability to perceive hundreds of elements that make a scene perfect, elements that are insignificant at first glance, elements that are…. just details.

A detail is a tiny spark that can illuminate our world.

The path our lives take, our destinies and our choices are generally down to a tiny detail.

At Nikon, we leave nothing to chance, and thanks to the absolute precision of our optical lenses, you will never miss any detail that matters to you. 

Everything starts with a detail.

Nothing is more important to us than details, as we firmly believe that attention to details can move us from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

What did I see that made me get to where I am today? What caught my attention and brought me to the path I am on today? What first drew me to the people I cherish today? 

love dimple

Whether it is a tiny dimple, a shape arising from the clouds or in the sand, precision gives us all the ability to capture all the details that life has to offer. 

To offer you flawless precision, Nikon Lenswear has been a pioneer in the advancement of high precision optics. Our products are the result of the combination between our cutting-edge technology and how we meticulously customize our lenses to each and every wearer’s unicity. Nikon’s state of the art calculator performs infinite calculation loops to design optical lenses, making them accurate to the submicron.

Nothing is left to chance.