SeeMax Ultimate

The first progressive lens co-designed with you base on your unique vision insights

Recommended For Progressive wearers willing for a lens truly personalized for the ultimate vision experience

By bringing your 3 unique vision insights together, SeeMax Ultimate makes your visual experience even more powerful and personal. Insights technology allows the user to take part in the co-design his own lens. Associated with the sensitivity measurement, it enables to reduce aberration and remaining aberration made as invisible as possible to wearer. Making residual aberrations as invisible as possible to the wearer.


  • See things the way you like thanks to the all-new sensitivity personalization
  • See more, search less, up to 40.000 unique designs analyzed to find the perfect match with your prescription
  • Seamless switch, no matter what kind of lens you were wearing before, everything is instantly familiar
<p>Master Series</p>

Master Series

<p><strong>Ultimate Series</strong></p>

Ultimate Series

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