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Find your Lightstyle
With Nikon Lenswear

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Find your Lightstyle
With Nikon Lenswear

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Find your Lightstyle
With Nikon Lenswear

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Find your Lightstyle
With Nikon Lenswear

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Find your Lightstyle
With Nikon Lenswear


Illuminate your lightstyle your way

Seeing is all about light. Our vision and everything we see are illuminated by light.

Every individual is unique - in the way we live, work and play. Hence why, the way light interacts with and influences our vision is always different, depending on the light that we are surrounded by in our environment. This is your unique lightstyle.

Whichever your lightstyle, Nikon has a solution for you to fully embrace the light and your zest for life.

Discover your lightstyle

Choose your lightstyle
Exposure to UV and blue light1 is unavoidable in our modern lifestyle - even more so for Digital Lovers who spend a vast majority of their day indoors under natural light coming from windows and artificial lighting while relying on digital devices for work and play.
Hours / Day is the average time spent on screens everyday.²

Exposure to blue light¹ in the modern lifestyle

Spending prolonged time indoors exposed to blue light1 coming from the sun, artificial lighting and digital devices may be uncomfortable.

Pure Blue UV™, a new era of blue light1 filtering. Enjoy the purest of light that your eyes deserve.

Pure Blue UV intelligently purifies light before it reaches your eyes.

pure blue uv white logo

Pure Blue UV key benefits

All-in-one protection against UV and filtering of blue light¹
Enhanced aesthetic versus other lenses offering similar protection
Long-lasting clarity and durability proven and tested in actual wearing conditions

Powered by SeeCoat™ Next for long-lasting durability.

Experiencing clear vision is of utmost importance - especially for Late-Night Multitaskers who spend a lot of time in dim light settings and could start to experience the first signs of decreasing light sensitivity.
out of 10 wearers experience difficulty seeing in dim light¹.

Reduced light sensitivity in dim light

As light dims, it becomes harder for our eyes to distinguish contrasts and colors. As our eyes need more light to see clearly, we may experience difficulty to read or conduct visually demanding activities in dim light.

SeeCoat™ Next Bright, the first brightening lens. Brighten your vision even in dim light condition.

With SeeCoat™ Next Bright, enjoy every details and colors as they were meant to be seen even in low light.

SeeCoat™ Next Bright key benefits

Brighter vision to distinguish every details and colors
Superior contrast such that you see dark areas darker and bright areas brighter
Finer details with the improvement of acuity at near for easier reading

Powered by SeeCoat™ Next for long-lasting durability.

Exploring the roads at night can be a challenge for Night Navigators who are often exposed to oncoming headlights and street lights.
of people don't feel confident driving in the dark.¹

Discomforting glare at night

Our eyes are exposed to a barrage of lights in the night from the oncoming car headlights and street lights. These light sources create reflections and glare on our glasses which could be discomforting or may even cause brief blindness, making it difficult for drivers to see clearly while driving at night.

SeeCoat™ Drive, the everyday clear lens with enhanced driving performance.

SeeCoat™ Drive reduces the blinding effect of glare when driving in the dark while still offering superior vision in daylight.

SeeCoat Drive key benefits

Enhanced driving performance thanks to reduced glare sensation
Superior day vision with clear, aesthetics and transparent lenses during the day
Complete protection against annoyance such as scratches and smudges

Sun protection is a daily essential, especially for Outdoor Enthusiasts who spend a significant amount of time outside enjoying activities in the sun.
of UV exposure occurs when we are not in full sunlight.¹

Daily exposure to UV light

From bright sunny days to clouded sky - the daily exposure to ultraviolet light, blue light² and glare coming from the sun may be uncomfortable.

SunStyle, stylish lenses to enjoy everything under the sun worry-free.

The SunStyle series combines UV protection and style whilst delivering exceptional quality, performance and comfort to every wearers.

SunStyle series key benefits

Optimal UV protection
Superior clarity and exceptional visual comfort without glare
Extensive range of tints, polarized and mirrors options for every style

For Life Balancers who are often on the go, adjusting to changing light environments from indoor to outdoor spaces is part and parcel of daily life.
out of 10 people have declared that they are sensitive to light¹

Adapting to the changing light environments

For people with a busy lifestyle and needing to shuffle between places with different light conditions, it could be challenging as the eyes are exposed to glare, ultraviolet light and blue light² both indoors and outdoors.

Transitions®️ Light Intelligent Lenses™, protect your eyes in style.

Transitions®️ Light Intelligent Lenses™ paired with Nikon’s advanced optical technologies constantly adapt to all light situations for better vision, comfort and protection.

Transitions key benefits

Light intelligent, automatically adapting to changing light conditions
Everyday care, blocks 100% of UV and helps filter blue-violet light² indoors & outdoors
Hassle free, make everyday life simpler
Free-style, whatever the frames you love, pick your favorite color. Choose your style

Powered by SeeCoat Next for long-lasting durability.