Transitions® XTRActive® New Generation, for best extra darkness and best extra light protection.


  • Light Mastery
    • The darkest photochromic lens in hot temperatures and in the car
    • Blue light protection indoors and UV protection outdoors
    • Clear indoors with faster fadeback

Recommended for

Wearers who are very sensitive to light or are frequently exposed to intense lights.

Transitions® XTRActive® New Generation

Designed to offer our most advanced dye package ever, Transitions® XTRActive® New Generation lenses new photochromic molecules are powered by powerful Xtractive dyes and exclusive nano-composite matrix to provide the best extra darkness, improved activation and fadeback and the best extra light protection*.

* The darkest in hot temperatures, in the car and offering the best overall blue light protection across light situations among clear to extra dark photochromic lenses.

1. Clear to extra dark photochromic category. Tests across polycarbonate and 1.5 grey lenses at 35°C achieving <18%T using Transitions Optical's standard testing method.
2. From harmful blue light (380nm-460nm) at 23°C among polycarbonate and 1.5 grey lenses in the clear to extra dark photochromic category.
3. Clear to extra dark photochromic category. Polycarbonate and 1.5 grey lenses tested at 23°C behind the windshield achieving between 18%T and 43%T.
4. Compared to the previous generation, across materials tested on grey lenses fading back to 70% transmission at 23°C.

Transitions and XTRActive are registered trademarks and the Transitions logo and Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses are trademarks of Transitions Optical, Inc. used under license by Transitions Optical Limited. ©2021 Transitions Optical Limited. Photochromic performance is influenced by temperature, UV exposure and lens material.

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