SeeMax Ultimate, Nikon’s most advanced progressive lens – bespoke to each wearer with the all-new vision insights and SeeMax technology


  • High Precision
    • Easy and instant focusing at all distances
    • Natural vision with minimal visual distractions
    • Instant adaptation regardless of what wearer wore before

Recommended for

Those seeking the ultimate optical performance to make their visual experience even more powerful and personal.

SeeMax ultimate

The first progressive lens co-designed with you based on your unique vision insights.

Nikon reinvent progressive lenses with SeeMax Ultimate, a revolutionary breakthrough where every lens is co-designed with the wearer based on his needs, preferences and viewing habits for the ultimate viewing experience.

Every ultimate lens is uniquely designed

Personalised to your needs, preferences & viewing habits


see max ultimate temporary

Sharper vision across the entire lens

Frame shape & Fit recognition : the lens design takes into account the frames shape and how the frames fits on your face, so that the viewing area is optimised where you need it most


see max ultimate temporary 2

Your unique vision deserves true personalisation.

The difference between conventional lenses designed and the 428,793,740 design possibilities for everyone.