SeeCoat™ Next Blue, filters blue light¹ while providing you with a natural look for daily use.


  • Light Mastery
    • An optimal filtering of blue light¹
    • Natural look for daily use with minimized reflection and glare²
  • High Precision
    • Enhanced protection from UV light³

Recommended for

Wearers seeking for the ultimate blue light¹ filter in a coating

SeeCoat Next Blue

An enhanced coating filtering blue light¹ and reducing glare while providing superior clarity and durability.




Best combination of clarity and durability for everyday use

An Ultimate Blue Light¹ Absorber

SeeCoat Next Blue filters more blue light¹ and reduces the reflection levels while maintaining a high transmittance of other wavelengths thanks to the Blue light¹ Absorber.
The result: it filters blue light¹ more effectively while providing a more natural colour.
1. Blue light between 380nm to 500nm (with blue-violet light between 400 and 455nm as stated by ISO TR 20772:2018).
2. Glare is reduced by 20% vs SeeCoat Blue UV, thanks to the overall reduction of blue-violet light reflection.
3. SeeCoat Next Blue has front and back side UV light protection.