For the perfect maintenance of your Nikon Eyewear, you should:

  • Regularly wipe it using the cleaning cloth provided.
  • Clean it with water and use a soft cloth to dry it whenever your glasses get dirty with dust
  • Clean it with water and use a soft cloth to dry it whenever your glasses get dirty with oil or hairspray
  • When you clean the lenses, hold the rim of the lenses and wipe gently to avoid frame distortion or lens breakage.
  • Avoid the use of aggressive chemical detergents (with alkali) ad solvents (for examples alcohol, acetone or ethanol).
  • Limit contact of the frame and lenses with cosmetic products such as hairspray and sunscreen as they may cause damage.
  • Please take your glasses off with two hands holding the temples to avoid the frames getting loose.
  • Put the glasses facing up if you are putting them down on the table
  • Store your frame (both sunglasses and optical frames) in the provided case and at a temperature between -10 C and +35 C.
  • Avoid storing them in places subject to extreme temperatures such as a car dashboard and avoid exposing them to high humidity environments and abrupt changes of temperature.


  • When putting on the frames, you may accidentally hit your eyes. Please open the temples and put the glasses on slowly.
  • The glasses will break if you force the temples open too wide.
  • Our frames are durable and do not break easily, yet please do not bend or twist it intentionally. It may cause frame distortion.
  • Through wear and tear, the frame may experience some cracks, breakage, or discoloration.
  • If you experience any itchiness or rash on areas where the frame touches the skin, please stop wearing the glasses and consult with your doctor or dermatologist.
  • If your glasses are not fitting properly, if they are loose and sliding down your nose, your vision may be impaired. Please refer to your Eye Care Professional to have them adjusted properly.
  • Please do not adjust the frame yourself.
  • There is a two week adjustment period for any new prescription glasses. Do not switch back and forth between old and new glasses. This will make the adjustment time longer.
  • If you are a first time progressive wearer, it will take time to adjust and it will limit your depth perception. Be careful going up and down the stairs and places with height differences.
  • Please do not wear your glasses in places with extreme temperatures such as hot saunas or inside an industrial refrigerator. The lenses may change shape, cause distortion, or fall out of the frame.
  • Please be aware that Impact resistance lenses are neither shatterproof nor unbreakable; they may break when hit by a strong impact. If you play a sport or do any activity where there is risk that the lenses will break, please wear protective equipment over your glasses.
  • Damaged lenses should be replaced immediately.
  • Avoid using tinted lenses in dark places. Visibility is reduced due to insufficient light. Particularly, all our sunglass lenses belong to category 3 and are thus not suitable for driving under condition of poor light or at night.
  • Please do not look directly at the sun even if you’re wearing tinted lenses. It may cause vision loss or severe injuries to your eyes.
  • Please remember that the screens of electronic devices may look darker when looking at them wearing polarized lenses.

The users instructions booklet provided with Nikon sunglasses is related only to the original sunglasses supplied by the manufacturer.
It is not valid whenever the original lenses are replaced with any other lens.