Two are better than one – here’s why you need to have a second pair of glasses

Most men and women have multiple pairs of shoes, handbags and jewellery to match and accessories their outfits. So why do your eyes only get to have one pair of eyeglasses?

Yet glasses are not only a fashion accessory, they provide a practical solution to a wide range of scenarios. 

Indeed, your eyes not only need perfect vision correction, they also call for a second pair of glasses that will address other visual needs that often go overlooked. Think protection from sun rays, preventing visual fatigue, sports practice, near vision comfort and more.

And just between you and us, how about a more daring, unapologetic style of glasses just for vanity’s sake?

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider getting a second pair:

Accidents happen

Eyeglasses tend to drop, bend or break pretty easily, and these accidents happen when you least expect it. Having an extra pair will always come in handy for such unexpected situations.

Glasses to support near and/or distant vision

Many indoor hobbies such as reading, writing or gaming – to name just a few – require the ability to focus closely on fine details. On the other hand, outdoor activities like running and cycling require lenses that focus on distant objects. Having an extra pair of glasses that are tailored for such activities will help alleviate eye strain.

Have a look at Nikon Lenswear E-Life Lenses, our unique range of lenses specifically developed in order to suit your lifestyle.

Protect your eyes from the sun

One of the biggest reasons why people get multiple pairs of glasses is that they want to have a pair when heading outdoors, especially hiking or hitting the beach.

The amazing quality of vision and comfort you get from your regular pair of prescription eyeglasses cannot protect you from the sun’s UV rays.

That’s why having a second pair of prescription glasses with added UV protection, which is basically corrective sunglasses, is key to your vision comfort.

You can create your very own sunglasses by combining Nikon Lenswear sun-tinted lenses and stylish frames, a combo which will deliver superior vision correction, top-notch eye protection AND sophistication. You can even pick between tinted, polarized or mirror lenses so that your sunglasses can fit your style and personality perfectly.

Make a bold fashion statement

Why not complement your everyday look thanks to our expansive range of Transitions® lenses and stylish frames?

Photochromic lenses are a versatile technology that enables you to unapologetically opt for a more daring style since both your clear glasses and sunglasses are combined in one single pair!
Nikon Lenswear, with Transitions® XTRActive®, has a technology that makes your second pair of glasses incredibly reactive to light changes, including bright sun, partial sun, clouds, and everything in between. They also adapt to indirect light – such as light reflected from buildings or cars.

A backup to contact lenses

There may be times when you can’t wear contacts. For example, eye infections such as conjunctivitis, injuries or allergies. A second pair of eyeglasses allows you to continue living your life when your eyes just can’t handle contact lenses.

Also, wearing contact lenses around the clock is never a good idea. The cornea needs oxygen to properly function and maintain clarity. Having an extra pair of eyeglasses is beneficial to give your eyes a breather.

Your eyes will thank you for it!

Eye fatigue

You also need glasses for near distance tasks and specific work, such as right in front of your screen.

If you find yourself focusing on near vision activities for extended periods of time such as for work, you could consider lenses delivering sharp and relaxing vision at near distance.

Nikon Lenswear offers lenses that relieve and reduce eye strain while offering a comfortable and clear vision.

Easily misplaced

You took your glasses off and now they seem to have vanished into thin air? Sounds familiar? In this instance, having a spare pair of glasses will definitely be of use as a backup for when you lose your first pair.


Having a second pair of eyeglasses is like having an insurance policy for your eyes. It’s always good to have it when unforeseen circumstances happen.

Investing in a good backup pair of glasses can save you time, money and convenience. It usually takes around a week before being able to get a new pair of prescription glasses, and the time in-between can definitely make your life a living nightmare, especially if you need strong correction! Also keep in mind that you can easily get a good bargain for this precious second pair with the special bundle promotions that opticians regularly offer.

Have a look at our range of products to find your second pair of eyeglasses that will best suit your eyes and your lifestyle.

Take it from us, you can’t go wrong with a spare pair of glasses.