Protect your children’s sight

A good vision is key in supporting your kids’ everyday activities.

A good vision is key in supporting your kids’ everyday activities. Whether it’s learning in school or playing outdoors, help your kids become their best selves and prevent myopia by getting them an eye examination early.

Here are some ways you can help protect your child’s sight:

Look out for common signs of visual discomfort

While it’s easy for adults to recognize discomfort in their eyes, kids may not be aware of theirs. If you notice your kids are often squinting, covering one of their eyes or have frequent headaches, it might be time to send them for an eye test.

Check your kids’ vision regularly

As your kids continue to grow, their vision changes every year. Ensure they go for a thorough eye examination regularly to spot any vision problems during their development stage and have an eye care professional provide suitable solutions like Nikon’s ultra comfort and lightweight ophthalmic lenses. These lenses are made with a super thin material to let your kids carry on with their activities worry-free.

Take a break outside

A healthy amount of natural sunlight is a good way to prevent myopia for the kids. Encourage them to play outdoors for an hour or two each day to give their eyes a well needed break. Just remember to block out the UV rays with a pair of Nikon Transitions® lenses! These lenses will automatically adjust themselves to give your kids the right amount of tint outdoors.

Block out the blue light

With kids using digital devices more and more in their daily activities, their screen time is starting to catch up with their parents. Protect your kids’ eyesight from harmful blue light using protective lenses equipped with Nikon SeeCoat Blue UV coating.

Ensure your kids have healthy vision for years to come with regular eye examinations.