The precision of optical calculation

Nikon optical lenses are calculated as closely as possible to the requirements of each wearer, to offer you as close as possible to perfect visual precision.

Our R&D Centre (Nikon Core Technology Centre)

Just like our professional partners, Nikon is complex and multi-faceted with intersecting interests, strengths and perspectives. All the traits of our DNA are harmoniously intertwined to mutually support and reinforce one another.

A powerful example of this complexity is our R&D Centre (Nikon Core Technology Centre), which works in concert with and is shared by Nikon’s different business areas. This centre promotes synergies and stimulates innovation.

It is the driving force behind the avant-gardism of the company, and it is constantly striving to improve the performance of optical surfaces. The latter are used in all our high-tech industries, such as imaging, health and optics.

Nikon Optical Design Engine – a revolutionary perspective

Nikon Optical Design Engine is an extremely powerful calculator that allows each design to be mapped out at the submicron level by using infinite calculation loops. We use the exact same software tool when elaborating optical surfaces for our Advanced Technologies sector.

The mechanics

  • When your optometrist or optical dispenser orders a lens, your personal parameters are sent to your local Nikon’s lens manufacturing laboratory and then transmitted to Nikon in Japan.
  • Nikon Optical Design Engine calculates the ideal lens surface according to the wearer’s individual prescription and parameters
  • Once the optimal designed is calculated, the data is sent back to the local lab which compeltes the final manufacturing.
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Step 1 : Eye examination

Setp 2 : Data sent to Japan

Step 3 : Calculation of the ideal lens surface

Step 4 : Manufacture of the lens

Step 5 : Quality check & delievery

Nikon prescription lenses are manufactured one at a time for a truly custom-made result.

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They are calculated by rigorously using the measurements and information sent by your optometrist or optical dispenser to us. But the customisation does not stop there – did you know that lenses are customised to fit your favourite frame?

The frame you chose determines how the lenses will be positioned in front of your eyes. This ultimately plays an important role in the performance of your lenses and ultimately in your visual perception. This is why advanced Nikon lenses take into account the shape and fitting parameters of your frame.

Different lifestyles call for different lenses.

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Your optometrist will ask you about your work and hobbies and your other visual tasks to better determine the parameters that will allow Nikon to create lenses that fit your needs.

How does it work?


Located in Japan, the Nikon’s Optical Design Engine receives these 12 parameters from practitioners all over the world to program the manufacturing of every single lens.
These parameters are used to calculate and optimize the optical formula of a lens surface. As a result, each and every wearer who chose Nikon for their glasses receives lenses tailored to their specific needs, ultimately giving them their correction