Are you often on the road?


Wearing the right lenses will make every trip in the car a lot more pleasant.

When you are behind the wheel, having good vision is essential: it keeps you and others on the road safe while giving you a more comfortable driving experience.

Common factors that can affect a driver’s vision include

  • Bright sunlight
  • Headlight glare from oncoming cars
  • Reflections or glare on wet roads or snow
  • Difficulty with peripheral vision, such as glancing at side mirrors
  • Eye fatigue

Driving during the day

Good weather helps us enjoy driving. However, bright light can cause glare which, in turn, makes driving more difficult. Eye fatigue is also a major side effect of driving. This happens because our eyes are constantly looking at varying distances such as the road, signs, navigation system, dashboard and more.

Driving at night

It is said that more than half of all driving fatalities occur at night. Although general fatigue is likely a major cause, it is also true that everyone has a lower vision capacity at night. Vision can also be easily strained by glaring light from other cars, traffic lights and more.

Lenses that perform well both day and night

There are many Nikon ophthalmic lenses that drivers can benefit from. High-performance Nikon anti-reflective coatings minimize unwanted reflections so you can focus on the road.

Most Nikon eyeglasses can also be ordered with a sun tint option, giving you high-performance sunglasses adapted to your vision. It is a good idea to keep a pair of sunglasses like this in your car at all times, so you can be ready at all times to protect your eyes from the sun.