Everything you wanted to know about eyeglasses

Having a clear vision to see everything is extremely helpful. However, our eyes can develop vision issues due to various problems, and the affected individual might need eyeglasses. With the information provided regarding eyeglasses, it will be easier for people to understand eyeglasses and how they can help provide better vision. But, first, we need to understand the basic concept of eyeglasses.

What is Eyeglass?

Eyeglasses are a common form of eyewear that helps correct and improve various vision issues. These are created with a frame that holds two pieces of glass or plastic that have been worked on to correct any refractive errors that can help see irrespective of the distance. Refractive errors can be any of the following issues:

  • Myopia or nearsightedness
  • Hyperopia or farsightedness
  • Blurry vision

As most vision issues focus on how light falls on the retina, the retina converts the light that falls on the eye lens. The retina converts the light into signals sent to the brain, which creates the images we see. Eyeglasses can work by either adding or subtracting the focusing power to the cornea and lens of the eye.

Types of eyeglass

Before choosing a pair of eyeglasses, it is necessary to understand the type of eyeglasses that will help you see at any distance without straining your eyes. Let’s now understand the different types of eyeglass lenses that help in providing better vision. The following types of eyeglass lenses can help in seeing better: – 

  1. Prescription eyeglasses help reduce any vision issues degrading your eyes over time.
  2. Non-prescription eyeglasses provide other functional abilities like safety and preventative eye care.

Depending on your requirements, you will be able to choose the best-suited types of eyeglass lenses. Nikon Lenswear provides a wide range of high-quality eyeglass lenses that can perfectly suit the wearer’s purpose. In addition, several benefits can be availed by wearing eyeglasses, which will be explained next.

Benefits of Eyeglass

Over the years, there has been a marked rise in eyeglasses to improve vision. In addition, nearly 60% of people use some form of vision correction, including glasses and contact lenses. Therefore, it can be easily understood that there are specific benefits of wearing the best eyeglass lenses for their eyeglasses. With that being said, here are some of the benefits that can be gained with the help of different types of eyeglass lenses that are fitted on an individual’s eyeglasses: –

  1. Vision Improvement

Straining your eyes to read or see anything can be tiring. Many individuals who have never worn eyeglasses might try to deny that their eyes have reduced vision. However, after the eye testing procedure, eyeglasses are fitted with the best lenses for eyeglasses. It will help the individual with vision issues to see better.

  1. Sun Protection

When looking for a good quality eyeglass lens for your eyeglasses, it is important to look for eyeglasses that can improve vision and sun protection. Several different eyeglasses and eyeglass lenses can provide sun protection and improved vision. As these lenses need a special type of coating, Nikon Lenswear can ensure that the wearer of eyeglasses with their lenses can protect their eyes from suffering sun damage.

  1. Minimise eye strain

Having poor vision can be quite tiring as you will need to strain your eyes to see clearly. However, eyeglasses can help in reducing the strain. It is also important to upgrade your eyeglasses when there is an increase in eye power. Prescription eyeglasses with Nikon eyeglass lenses will help you see better as it reduces eye strain. Several different types of powered and non-powered lenses can reduce strain and help in lowering vision issues caused due to exposure to blue light emitted by gadgets.

  1. Fashionable and stylish

Eyeglasses in the current days are available in a wide variety of styles. Therefore you can choose the most suitable frame shape and style according to your choice. It is also possible for you to choose more than one pair of eyeglasses in different colours and styles, making it easier to pair them with specific outfits. With the help of Nikon Lenswear, you can have a better vision and look stylish and trendy.

  1. Protection from Irritants

Wearing eyeglasses fitted with an eyeglass lens from Nikon Lenswear can also protect the eyes from irritants entering the eyes. It will also help reduce any potential injuries or scratches caused due to foreign objects in the eye.

  1. Easy to clean and maintain

Eyeglasses are made with strong and long-lasting materials, making it easy for people to clean and maintain them. A few drops of the cleaning solution provided by the eyeglass case and a microfiber cloth can help provide a clear vision. If your prescription changes, you can easily change the lenses for the new ones and keep using the frames you had chosen.

The points mentioned above are a great way to understand that a long-lasting pair of frames can provide you with a clear vision. Also, with the help of high-quality lenses from Nikon Lenswear provided in your eyeglasses, it will be quite easy for you to see clearly and protect your vision from harmful light sources. So let’s now take a look at the steps to choose the best eyeglass lenses for your eyeglasses.

Choose the right eyeglass

Choosing the right eyeglasses can address an individual’s vision needs and ensure that their eyes are protected from any damage. Therefore it is important to gain information regarding the most suitable eyeglasses and types of eyeglass lenses that can help address the person looking for a pair of trending eyeglasses for their everyday needs. The points mentioned below can help in doing so:

  1. Frame Materials

The two most common types of materials used to make frames are:

  • Plastic frames available in different colours do not cause any allergies and have a lower cost.
  • Metal frames are available in different materials, and the cost depends on the chosen material.
  1. Frame Types

The most common frame types that are available for an individual looking for high quality and long-lasting eyeglasses are as follows: –

  • Full Frame
  • Semi-rimless Frames
  • Rimless Frame

Any of the frame types mentioned above can easily help make the person wearing them look good.

  1. Face Shapes

Another important factor that can help choose the most suitable pair of trending eyeglasses is the face shape of the individual. Some of the most common face shapes and the most suitable eyeglass shapes are as follows:

  • Round face shape can look good in rectangular, browline styles of frames with a clear nose bridge and bold colours.
  • Square face shapes can benefit from round, cat-eye, oval, rectangle, and browline frame shapes.
  • Heart-shaped faces will be complemented with round, geometric or rimless frames.
  • Oval-shaped faces can look good in rectangular, oval, and square-shaped frames.
  1. Lifestyle and profession

Depending on the profession and lifestyle, an individual can have more than one eyeglasses. They can also choose to wear two completely different eyeglasses with two different types of eyeglass lenses. Wearing a long-lasting pair of eyeglasses with lenses from Nikon Lenswear is a great way to update your style in an easy and fun way.

It is also important to look at the new prescription so that anyone looking for trending eyeglasses can choose the type of eyeglasses that can look good on them.


There are several different types and brands of eyeglasses that can serve your needs for a new and fresh look. However, with the years of experience that Nikon Lenswear has in creating high-quality and long-lasting lenses. These lenses can provide clear vision and help reduce the chances of any debilitating vision issues that might occur later.