SeeMax Master, a design providing stress-free vision with exclusive parameters taken into account to optimize your visual comfort.


  • High Precision
    • Digitally enhanced for stress-free vision
    • Wider usable lens area

Recommended for

Progressive wearers searching for a high visual performance in all demanding situations.

SeeMax Master

Digitally enhanced for stress-free vision.

A progressive lens providing stress-free vision taking into account your frame shape to optimize your visual comfort.


In specific situations, you can experience visual stress even with the most modern progressive lens design.

SeeMax Master reduces the deformation generated by your lens to the minimum and eliminates any residual blurriness. It also allows to perfectly merge what your left and right eyes see. The vision is comfortable at any time even when driving or reading making your brain free from eye strain.

Clear vision twice as wide

Using Nikon’s frame shape technology, aberrations are pushed out of the frame so that the usable area of the lenses are increased further and stays as sharp as possible.