SeeCoat Next Blue, the ultimate blue light protection


  • Protection
    • An optimal protection against blue light
    • Provides an eyestrain relief
    • A minimized reflection and glare*
  • Protection
    • Ultra-precise vision

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Ultimate blue light protection in a coating

SeeCoat™ Next Blue

The ultimate blue light protection in a coating, providing superior clarity and durability for everyday use.




Best combination of clarity and durability for everyday use

The digital screens emit blue light which could contribute to eyestrain.¹

SeeCoat™ Next Blue reduces 35% of blue light transmittance, cutting more harmful light and providing natural colours for wearers to enjoy their time on screen.²

An ultimate blue light absorber

Thanks to the Blue light Absorber, which absorbs more Blue light and allows a reduction of the reflection levels, SeeCoat™ Next Blue cuts blue light more effectively while maintaining high transmittance of other wavelengths. The result: it protects your eyes more effectively while providing a more natural colour.

*Glare is reduced by 20% vs SeeCoat Blue UV, thanks to the overall reduction of blue reflection.
¹ The Effect of Blue Light on Visual Fatigue when Reading on Led-Backlit Tablets LCDs. Haruo Isono, Apurva Kumar, Takuya Kamimura, Yuuta Noguchi, Hiroyuki Yaguchi. Tokyo Denki University. VHFp2-9L. 2013.
² Blue light (between 380nm to 500nm with harmful blue light up to 455nm).

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