Relaxsee Neo, lens for eyestrain relief.


  • Protection
    • Reduces eye strain and eye fatigue

Recommended for

Wearers whose eyes feel tired after prolonged use of eyeglasses

Relaxsee Neo

A special lens designed for eyestrain relief to relax your eyes when concentrating on the near vision.

Consider Relaxsee Neo if you answer YES to any of these questions?

  • Do you experience eye fatigue after spending time using electronic gadgets or computers?
  • Do you sometimes experience blurred or double vision when reading?
  • Do you think it is normal for your eyes to ache while working on the computer?
  • When reading, do you lose concentration?


relaxsee benefit

Twin Zone Technology

The lens has two zones in the same lens: the clear zone dedicated to the far vision and the relax zone with a slightly lower power for the near vision. This combination helps to reduce the stress of the eyes from daily tasks such as reading and computer work.

relaxsee benefit technical specs

Pair your RelaxSee Neo with SeeCoat™ Next Blue for better protection against harmful blue light and optimal eyestrain protection.