Sanitisation practices

As we recover from this pandemic, a new ‘normal’ has given us an opportunity to focus on what’s important in our line of sight. So while we as eye care professionals continue to help you achieve greater clarity in your vision, rest assured your health and safety remain our top priority.

Sanitisation practices

As we adjust and move forward again, here are 4 health and hygiene practices, among others, that we have implemented to ensure a safer environment for you and our staff.

Wearing of masks

Our staff wear masks at all times for safe communication with you.

Disinfecting attires

Our attires are disinfected before inviting you into our store.

Social distancing

We cater for one metre of space between each person in our store.

Washing of hands

We wash our hands thoroughly before and after every patient interaction.

If you have any doubts, please visit an eye care professional and be sure to have regular check-ups to keep your eyes in good shape.