How do I clean my eyeglasses and sunglasses properly?


Having good personal hygiene is the first step to protect yourself. But while you are washing your hands regularly, do not forget to wash your glasses too. Cleaning your glasses daily not only helps to keep it clear from germs and viruses, but it also keeps your eyewear in tip top condition.
Keep your glasses clean with these four simple steps:

Rinse off the dirt and debris

Even though your glasses might seem clean, rinse them under lukewarm water to prevent scratches from hidden dirt and debris. Avoid using hot water as it may impair any special coatings you have on your lenses.

Wash thoroughly with mild soap

After rinsing your glasses, gently rub each lens with a drop of mild soap or lotion-free dishwashing liquid soap for at least 30 seconds to disinfect them. Avoid using moisturising soaps as they are known to leave residues behind.

Rinse away the soap

Hold your glasses once again under a stream of lukewarm water to make sure all traces of soap are properly washed away. Any remaining residue might cause smudges later on.

Wipe your glasses dry

Carefully wipe the lenses dry with a clean, lint-free cloth only . Using paper towels on your glasses might cause scratches while air-drying them will leave a watery residue.

Store your glasses

Keep your glasses in a protective case with the lenses facing upwards whenever you are not wearing them. This will protect your glasses from scratches, dust and dirt.

What about contact lenses?

For those of you wearing contact lenses, consider switching to glasses for a while. The less you touch your eyes, the better, as you considerably lower the risk of exposing yourself to germs and viruses. So keep your eyes protected during these stressful times with a pair of stylish Nikon frames!