Eyestrain or visual fatigue


Understanding eye fatigue

Just like strenuous activity makes our bodies tired, our eyes are no different.

Do you experience eye strain after spending prolonged time focusing on near distance activities?
When reading, do you lose concentration?
Do you sometimes experience blurred vision when reading?

Sometimes, vision difficulties are not caused by a permanent condition of the eye. Instead, these problems are caused by excessive and/or prolonged use of vision, resulting in eye fatigue. Our modern lives involve spending more and more time on near distance activities such as reading or using digital devices – and all take a toll on our eyes.

The natural autofocus system of the eye that we use for near vision is based on muscular effort. Eye fatigue is primarily a muscular fatigue that happens when we struggle to see clear while performing near-distance activities, such as reading and using a screen-based device.

In some cases an underlying eye problem, such as uncorrected vision, can cause or worsen eyestrain. To ease eye fatigue, you should always start by wearing proper eyeglass lenses.

Nikon has been a pioneer in the area of eye fatigue, offering lenses that bring relief and reduce strain. Relaxsee will help give some relief to the eye’s autofocus system.


When you have a vision problem, not wearing your glasses from time to time helps your eyes work. FALSE

Avoiding wearing glasses causes the muscles of the eyes to work even harder and can lead to unnecessary fatigue.