Nikon Eyewear

Nikon, from the frame to the lenses.

Why Nikon Frames?

Since the introduction of Nikon frames in 1975, our focus has been on using advanced technology to improve the wearing experience and quality of vision of eyeglass users. A key milestone is the launch of ‘’Titex’’, the world’s first eyeglass frame made of titanium, in 1981.

Inspired by our know-how in optics and light management, we introduced the new Chromalis photochromic frames in 2021: innovative frames that go from transparent to dark grey when exposed to sunlight.

The 5 Key features that define Nikon Frames

Product Collection

Cutting Edge Series

Unexpected visual effects achieved thanks to our light management expertise and know-how.

Inspired by our know-how in optics and light management, Chromalis photochromic frames allow you to change your look without changing frames. The Chromalis frames are transparent indoors, but when exposed to the sunlight the frames change into a translucent dark grey colour. Chromalis photochromic frames are made with innovative lightweight and flexible materials, optimized for comfort.

Techno Series

Technical materials and constructions improving the frame performance: lightness, strength, durability.

The Techno series plays with pure titanium and carbon fibre in frames to create the most lightweight frames with a seamless and distinguished design.


A new technical eyewear that plays with the thickness of a pure titanium rim, while keeping the frame lightweight.  The thickness of the rim, adorned with distinctive double grooves, allows the mounting of high prescription lenses while preserving the look of the frame.

Core Series

Timeless shapes featuring our core design elements inspired from the camera world.

The Core series emphasis on the Iconic camera design cues. The shutter button hinge inspired design, the red accent colour and the functional texture remind us of the precision and excellence from the camera world.


These pure titanium and β titanium lightweight frames feature easily identifiable elements that recall the camera universe: the hinges are inspired by the camera shutter release button while the temple tips incorporate camera inspired soft rubber texture to provide best fit and comfort.