Pure Blue UV, your eyes deserve the purest of light.


  • Precision
    • Superior clarity with a whole new level of performance and durability
  • Protection
    • All-in-one protection against UV and part of the harmful blue light
  • Aesthetics
    • Enhanced aesthetics with minimal blue reflection or yellow residual tint

Recommended for

Wearers looking for protection from harmful UV and blue light without compromising their appearance

Pure Blue UV

A lens material providing you with all-in-one protection against harmful light both indoors and outdoors with enhanced aesthetics and long-lasting clarity.

Pure Blue UV is available in almost all Nikon lens designs.

An intelligent light purifier.

Our cutting-edge light purification technology absorbs UV and part of the harmful blue light to provide a long lasting protection.¹ (Image shown is for demonstration purpose only)

pbuv tech visual 1080px

Combined with SeeCoat™ Next to offer the best clarity and durability for everyday use.

The most aesthetically-pleasing solution.

A minimum yellow residual tint to see and be seen clearer.²

¹ Blue light: Between 380nm to 500nm (with harmful blue light up to 455nm).
² Aesthetics is compared to See Coat Blue UV lenses from Nikon in the same measurement conditions (1.6 index).