Presio Power Infinite, a progressive lens designed to provide a natural and effortless vision.


  • Precision
    • Quick focus on all visual zones
  • Protection
    • Reduced distortions for a sharper vision

Recommended for

Wearers seeking maximum visual comfort and sharp vision

Presio Power Infinite

A progressive lens using a series of innovative filters that will stabilize, push and soften distortions on the periphery of the lens.

Natural Vision

The combination of a highly innovative filters form Aberration Filter™ Gen II technology. A progressive lens technology aiming at giving you the most natural and seamless visual experience.

A series of highly innovative filters

This means, distortions that are stabilized, softened and pushed to the periphery, coupled with an increase in optimization density.

Fitting Parameters – Maintaining Optical Integrity with any Chosen Frame

The frame choice and patient’s unique fitting features can impact the performance of a lens. By including Fitting Parameters we now have the ability to keep the original, intended design intact.