Why do I need more than 1 pair of glasses?

A multidimensional lifestyle calls for more than 1 pair.

We all have a varied wardrobe for specific activities—special evening wear, appropriate outfits for work, clothes for soccer, biking, or a day at home, and so on. So ask yourself, does your lenswear match your activity? The truth is there are many aspects to your life. And to complement a multidimensional lifestyle, it makes sense that one pair of glasses is quite simply not enough.

The case for multiple pairs

Let’s face it; owning more than one pair of glasses can be fun – a different look to suit your mood or the convenience of having a pair at home and at work so you’ll never be caught without clear vision. Beyond a fashion accessory, however, owning multiple pairs has important benefits for your health and visual comfort.

The obvious second pair – sun lenses. Ultraviolet rays are just as harmful to eyes as they are to skin. For this reason, in addition to clear lenses, at the very least, everyone should own a pair of sunglasses to protect from UV rays and uncomfortable glare year round.

Another consideration is our changing lifestyle. Recent studies suggest that the average person spends up to half their waking time on digital devices. With this increased demand on near and intermediate vision, it’s no wonder everyday progressives cannot do it all. There are many specialty lenses available today, designed specifically for a comfortable digital lifestyle, and are a great complement to progressive lenses.

How to know which combination of lenses is right for you?

By doing a comprehensive eye exam, and understanding what makes you uniquely “you”, your eye care professional will be able to advise on the right lenses to help you see life at its best in every situation.

So remember, you don’t have to (and shouldn’t!) subscribe to a one-size-fits-all mentality. When it comes to your lenswear “wardrobe”, multiple solutions exist to answer your specific prescription, activities and visual needs.

Talk to your eye care professional about which lenses they recommend for you.