for every pursuit

Precision means different things to different people.
Find yours with Nikon Spectacle Lenses.

What does Precision
mean to you?

Is it about staying in control? Having absolute focus? Being consistently accurate? Or striving for excellence?

For Nikon, precision is part of every day - from working with the most innovative technology to customizing spectacle lenses for your unique requirements.

  • To have Control
    and excel with confidence.

  • Discipline and Accuracy
    and flawless execution.

  • Clarity and Focus
    on the art of craftsmanship.

  • Driven to achieve
    Excellence in every moment.

Precision in every pair.

Since Nikon’s inception, our pursuit for perfection has seen us deliver products of unparalleled quality. Every pair of Nikon spectacle lenses are expertly crafted to provide you with precision you need to master your pursuit.

  • Over 100 years of experience

    Nikon’s corporate history began in 1917 with optical glass manufacturing starting the following year. Ever since, Nikon’s uncompromising drive to deliver products of unparalleled quality has remained.

  • Nikon Optical Design Engine - a revolutionary perspective

    Nikon Optical Design Engine is custom technology that provides perfectly smooth vision across the entire surface of the lens - removing visual distortion. Click here to discover more about Nikon’s R&D activities.

  • Technology and innovation

    Regardless of your wearing environment, you can expect your Nikon lenses to deliver the latest in optical innovations - resulting in superior optics, reliability and durability. From missions in the blistering cold weather to the unpredictable environment in space, Nikon has earned the status of a legendary brand.


Aesthetic, the beauty
of pure sight

Sight is what drives our pursuit to create. Experience the splendour of the world,
amplified with Nikon Spectacle Lenses.

What is your
vision of beauty?

The perfect aesthetic is unique to each of us, yet it all stems from a unique desire for absolute perfection. The quest is unending and its only acceptable reward is reaching our vision of flawless beauty.

For Nikon, aesthetics means the beauty of pure sight. — seeing well, and looking good. With our personalized and highly transparent lenses, we help you create and fulfill your visions of perfection. Discover the hidden charms of the world around you, by unlocking the sensual power of perfect sight.

Art that you can wear

Your sense of aesthetics reflects who you are as a person. At Nikon, we create stunning designs that unveil your taste, style, and choice. That is, our lenses help you express your true self to the world.

  • Farewell, fatigue and boxed vision.

    Are you tired of thick and heavy glasses, of your nose feeling pinched or hurt, or being unable to see sideways?
    Not anymore. Using a combination of material and innovations like double-aspheric optical designs, we create the thinnest and lightest lenses with a wide peripheral vision.

  • Tailor-made for the perfect fit.

    Our handcrafted eyeglasses are made-to-order, giving you the best fit. For precise measurements, we use 12 parameters including tilt angle, wrap angle, and vertex distance. To ensure that the pair suits your lifestyle, we also consider your habits and activities.
    Plus, the Nikon Optical Design Engine sets us apart. Using an infinite calculation loop, we create bespoke lenses for each customer’s specific needs, ensuring that you receive highly optimized and personalized eyewear.

  • Absolute clarity with spectacle lenses.

    Inspired by the elements of Japanese craftsmanship, we work with extreme attention to detail while using the best materials and processing techniques. By doing so, we offer optimum clarity of vision and sharpness for every pair.
    Whether you are going for an interview or to lunch with friends, our crystal clear lenses allow you to move confidently, look super smart, and see every detail.


Dreams begin with vision.
Protect what matters.

When it's about your eyes, compromise isn't an option.
Protect your vision with Nikon Spectacle Lenses.

What is most
precious to you?

A moment in the present? Unforgettable memories? Treasures from the past? Hope and dreams for the future?

For Nikon, protection means shielding your vision - from using 10+ layers of protective coating to advanced light control for dim, bright, hard or pleasant situations. With Nikon’s solutions protecting your vision,you’ll know that your safety is never compromised, letting you stay relaxed and carefree in every condition.

One Armor for Many Threats

At Nikon, we realize that protection is a necessity and not a choice. That’s why we make each pair with lenses that protect your vision from several threats, including dust, scratches, and UV rays. Achieving the perfect blend of techniques and materials is key to constantly push the limits of the capabilities of our products.

  • Multiple Coatings for All-around Protection

    For optimum performance, we treat our lenses with up to 15 layers of protective coating on both sides. Thus, a single pair of Nikon spectacles ensures complete protection in every environment, irrespective of the risks.

  • *This image is for illustrative purposes only

    Superior Transparency for Crystal-clear Vision

    Smudged, oily, or scratched lens blurs your vision causing discomfort and stress in the eyes. For utmost transparency and clarity, we make lenses out of plastic resins, while achieving the perfect balance of hardness and flexibility using our pioneering nano-technology materials, offering you efficient smudge and scratch resistance.

  • An Ultimate Blend of Safety with Style

    Alongside the first-of-its-kind brightening filter to help aging people in dimly lit conditions, our lenses have active light control for advanced UV and Blue Light filtering. At Nikon, we perfectly blend safety with style, enabling you to customize your eye color with our wide range of tinted glasses.